Remakes of The Orphanage, Julia’s Eyes and The Body on the way

Last Updated on July 23, 2021

Rodar y Rodar, one of Spain’s most successful genre film companies, is looking to remake at least four of their own flicks. And while that news may be a bit disheartening to the purists out there, the studio is also developing a batch of new projects that sound very promising.

On the remake front, Rodar is actively working on English-language versions of THE ORPHANAGE (which has been in various stages of development for years), JULIA’S EYES, THE BODY and THE UNINVITED GUEST. Screen Daily says the company has an estimated budget of $13-16 million to work with on these flicks.

Meanwhile, Rodar is also working on a handful of new movies, also set to be shot in English:

A HOLLOW MAN by Oriol Paulo (The Body), is a thriller set in a small village in which unexplainable crimes occur.

THE SIGN is a psychological thriller about a woman who tries to escape a past crime.

ME, MY WIFE and MY DEAD WIFE is a comedy about a man who discovers his wife’s dark past after her death.

TWO by Mar Targarona, is a thriller about a man and a woman who wake up inexplicably joined at the abdomen.

All of these projects are slated to go into production at some point between 2014 and 2016, so it looks like we’ll be keeping an eye on Rodar y Roday for a good long while.


Source: Screen Daily

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