Resident Evil reboot will continue to favor action over horror

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

Hiroyuki Kobayashi is a name you probably don't recognize. Maybe you do. Anyhow the man has been deeply involved with the RESIDENT EVIL franchise for a long time now. You can check out his credits, both film and video games on IMDB right HERE.

Kobayashi is producing the upcoming RESIDENT EVIL: VENDETTA and stopped by Collider to talk shop. Eventually, they asked him about the upcoming series reboot and the man had some interesting things to say. Most of all are that the current plan is to stick with the Paul W.S. Anderson & Milla Jovovich formula and keep the series an action-movie franchise rather than a horror-movie franchise.

Kobayashi on the RESIDENT EVIL reboot:

I personally like Paul W.S. Anderson’s [direction] on the live-action [films]. Stuff like that, I would like to see more action.

He then dropped some hints on just how much of an overhaul the series is set to take:

We will be getting a new director and also the cast members are going to change, too, but I’m looking forward to doing it.

Well, I'm glad someone is. I'm kidding. We reported now too long ago that James Wan was coming aboard as a producer on the new series and so maybe he will steer the future films more into the realm of horror. Let's hope. That said, we need to remember that Wan was also the director of DEATH SENTENCE and 7 FAST 7 FURIOUS so he likes his action as well as his horror.

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Source: Collider

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