Rob Cohen to adapt female vigilante comic Razor for the big screen

Last Updated on July 31, 2021

Razor comic book Rob Cohen movie

Rob Cohen, best known for directing the first FAST & FURIOUS and xXx movies, is about to tackle what sounds like a female version of THE CROW: RAZOR. And the comparison to THE CROW is apt, as the titular character is a resurrected avenging angel. Also, this film will be produced by Jeff Most, who produced the classic 1994 Alex Proyas film. Furthermore, there was a comic series where Razor even teamed up with The Crow!

Having never heard of the character prior to today, I went to Wikipedia for help, as I often do. Here's a little info on this ass-kicking lass:

Initially a victim of both of her father and her sister's deaths, the young Nicole Mitchell vowed to clean up the scum of Chinatown by herself as the superheroine Razor, named for the blades she wears on her arms.


Prior to her death, Razor was shown as a capable martial artist and gymnast who usually carried a pair of bladed wrist gauntlets.


After death, the blades were surgically inserted into Razor's arms and painfully extend from her flesh.

Cohen will write and direct the film. Here are some snippets from the official press release:

RAZOR is based on two of Everette Hartsoe’s comic book series, “Razor” and “Stryke”. “Razor” defined a new genre in comics known as “Bad Girl” comics, and “Razor” remains one of the biggest bad girl comic book characters of all time with sales of over 6 million comic books sold worldwide.

In addition to sharing the same producer as THE CROW, there is a shared history between the “Razor” and “The Crow” characters, and the graphic novelists themselves. Everette Hartsoe and James O’Barr were inspired to create the comics, “Razor” and “The Crow”, respectively, due to the loss of someone dear to them. In James O’Barr’s case, it was the unsolved loss of his fiancé by a hit and run driver that lead to the creation of “The Crow”. With Everette Hartsoe, it was the tragic murder of his younger sister when Everette was 15 years old. To mourn his sister’s death, Everette created, “Razor”, a dangerous young woman who is impervious to pain. “Razor” and “The Crow” appeared in a series of crossover comics that lead to a shared universe and a #1 selling graphic novel, “The Crow/ Razor.”

Number 11 Films is fully financing and handling worldwide sales on RAZOR as the first film under a new sales and financing partnership it has established with Lotus Entertainment. The companies will be introducing the project to buyers at the upcoming Marché du Film.

Maybe we'll see Razor and The Crow team up in a film one day..?

Razor comic book Rob Cohen movie

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