EXCLUSIVE: Rob Liefeld on Snake Eyes: Deadgame, X-Force, and Deadpool 3

I had the pleasure of speaking with Rob Liefeld last week, probably best known for co-creating the character of Cable with Louise Simonson and the character Deadpool with writer Fabian Nicieza. Liefeld was stoked to talk about the finale of his limited comic book series "Snake Eyes: Deadgame" which has been a dream come true for Liefeld as he's a HUGE G.I. JOE fan and the final issue, out now, brings together some legendary talent such as Kevin Eastman, Ryan Ottley, Eric Canete, and Karl Kershcl. The cherry on top comes with Larry Hama, the "Living Legend" of G.I. JOE: A Real American Hero, joining with Liefeld for a special once-in-a-lifetime collectible cover that has Liefeld inking of Larry Hamma's pencils.

Liefeld and I also touched on him returning to the world of "X-FORCE" thirty years after "X-FORCE" #1 became a blockbuster success, selling over 5 million copies. Liefeld is commemorating the anniversary of X-FORCE #1 with a new chapter, "X-FORCE: KILLSHOT", out in November. The special one-shot will feature a new adventure with Cable and his militant mutant squad that promises to take fans back to an era that helped make "X-FORCE" #1 one of the best-selling single issues in Comics history.

Of course, I had to get Liefeld's opinion on the upcoming release of the Snake Eyes movie since he has been immersed in this world via his limited series and he seems very optimistic about the film's prospects, citing the film's focus on realistic action sequences that have become the norm since the release of John Wick. Lastly, I got Liefeld to open up a little bit about the status of Deadpool 3 since the Disney/Fox merger and he's confirming it's still on and that moving forward Ryan Reynold's busy schedule just needs to clear up. Despite momentum slowing down after Deadpool 2, Liefeld has confidence in the relationship between Reynolds and Marvel head honcho Kevin Feige to make the third film happen. 

Check out the interview and share your thoughts on Liefeld's contributions to Snake Eyes, X-FORCE, and many more!

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