Rob Zombie’s 31 four-hour making-of documentary now available on iTunes!

Last Updated on July 31, 2021

Say what you will about Rob Zombie's films. I all but worship the man (yeah, I'm one of those guys, "wanna fight about it?"), but one thing we can agree on is the man knows how to put together one hell of a making-of documentary. The making of THE DEVIL'S REJECTS is one of my all-time favorites, and the 4+ hr. documentary included on the HALLOWEEN (2007) 3-disc collections edition is f*cking amazing as well.

Now this may be old news to some of you, but I'm willing to bet most of you are unaware that director Rob Zombie's latest flick 31 was released onto iTunes along with its own 4+ hr. making-of documentary!

The doc is called IN HELL EVERBODY LOVES POPCORN, and it, again, runs an incredible 4 hrs. and 36 secs. Now THAT'S what I call "in-depth"! Bonus? For your viewing convenience,  the doc is presented in bite-size portions of 11 twenty-or-so minute segments.

Think of it as "The Making-of 31: The TV series".

While your iTunes purchase also comes with a full-length director's commentary by Rob Zombie, you have to buy the HD copy (but why buy the SD anyhow?) for $12.99. But that's a ton of entertainment for only $13 bucks. That's the movie itself (1 hr. 44 mins.), the director's commentary (another 1 hr. 44 mins.), and the making of documentary (4 hrs & 36 mins). That's a total of 7 hrs. & 20 mins.

IN HELL EVERBODY LOVES POPCORN director Josh Hasty gave an in-depth interview on the documentary a few months back, and you can read right that OVER HERE.

Again, as a student of film, I suggest you check the interview out as well. It's very interesting to hear about what goes into the making of a behind-the-scenes documentary. At least I think so. I'm sure you do too, right?

You can buy IN HELL EVERYBODY LOVES POPCORN (along with the full movie 31) RIGHT HERE.

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