Robin Williams’ voicework may be cut from Monty Python’s Absolutely Anything

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

After Robin Williams' unfortunate passing, he left behind four films that have yet to be released. One of those films is a sci-fi/comedy feature, ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING, brought to us by the Monty Python crew. In the film a teacher (Simon Pegg) gains magical powers bestowed upon him by aliens.  Robin Williams was to play the voice of his dog, Dennis.  Unfortunately for us, it's possible that Mr. Williams didn't have a chance to finish his work. Simon Pegg recently spoke out about his fear that if that's the case, Williams may have to be replaced.

I’m not sure Robin had completed doing his voice in the movie. He was doing the voice of my dog and I hope that he had completed it because it would be a real shame not to have him in it. And of course there will be a degree of sadness there, but the work he did do would have been done with his usual verve and brilliance.

Williams' voice is instantly recognizable and given one of his most popular roles in Disney's ALADDIN, it would be nice to have heard him supply voicework for one more character. However, if the decision is between dropping it completely or casting a "sound-alike" to fill in the gaps, well, I'd rather they just drop it. I imagine an official statement will be heard soon enough, but here's hoping that we have four performances left to look forward to rather than three.

ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING is scheduled to hit theaters sometime in 2015.

Source: The Telegraph

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