Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988) Revisited: Animated Movie Review

Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to another installment of Animation Movies Revisited, where we look back at some of the greatest animated films and rediscover the reasons they’ve left a lasting impression throughout the years. In this episode, we’ll be riding a Red Car down the Sunset Strip, where a private investigator named Eddie Valiant is about to accept a case that will take him from the wacky warehouses of the Acme Corporation to Toontown!

Robert Zemeckis‘ Who Framed Roger Rabbit? marks an astonishing achievement in animation by combining live-action with animated antics to create a perfect blend of creativity and innovation. Join us as we explore the film’s revolutionary creative process and discover many of the ways Who Framed Roger Rabbit is a rarity in the noir genre.

Throughout the video, we’ll dive deep into Roger Rabbit‘s source material, how the film managed to feature flagship characters from multiple studios, and how the animated marvel was shot for the big screen. If you’re the type of person who is amazed by what humans have achieved in the art of filmmaking, wait until you see the firey hoops we jump through for this one!

Animation Movies Revisited is written and narrated by Steve Seigh, and was edited by Jasmyn Evans-Samuels. Adam Walton and Chris Bumbray produce, and Berge Garabedian is the executive producer. Check out more episodes from our Revisited series below! Do you think Who Framed Roger Rabbit? holds up? Let us know in the comments!

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