Rovio planning a sequel to The Angry Birds Movie

Last Updated on July 31, 2021

Those who saw THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE can probably agree that it was about as good as a movie based on an app that involves throwing birds at pigs could possibly get. Well, at least the kids liked it. In fact, the studio behind ANGRY BIRDS, Rovio, thinks the kids liked it so much that they’re gonna go ahead and just keep making more movies. That’s right, get ready for THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE 2.

Variety reports that Rovio Entertainment Ltd. will be moving forward with a sequel to this year’s animated flick, which made about $347 million worldwide. CEO of Rovio, Kati Levoranta, made the announcement about plans for a sequel during a disclosure of the company’s earnings:

With the excellent performance of our games portfolio and the fantastic movie, the Angry Birds brand is flying high and we are seeing positive EBIT and cash flow development, while fulfilling our mission to create world class entertainment. We currently have several exciting new games and other projects in development, including new IP, and we have started planning the sequel to THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE.

Though there are some that may not see this as good news, it shouldn't be surprising to anyone. Sure, the movie earned lackluster reviews (43% on Rotten Tomatoes, with our own Chris Bumbray giving it an abysmal 2/10), but that global total is nothing to scoff at, considering its production budget of $73 million was pretty small for an animated flick. Plus, the amount of money the company was able to make off merchandising and renewed interest in the game was probably, for lack of a better word, bonkers. Although the film wasn’t my cup of tea, I can imagine the film has its fans. I mean, I’m sure the majority of that base are children under the age of 10, but as long as they’re dragging their parents with them that’s extra money in the bank. Lord knows these birds are gonna be milked for all they're worth.

THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE starring Jason Sudeikis, Maya Rudolph, Bill Hader Danny McBride and Josh Gad is currently out on Blu-ray and DVD.

Source: Variety

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