Russo Brothers announce they’ve started filming Avengers 4!

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

The Russo Brothers were a controversial pick when they first were announced as directors for CAPTAIN AMERICA: WINTER SOLDIER, as they'd only done TV – and mainly comedies like ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT and COMMUNITY – before that. However, now they're the top dogs at Marvel, after the awesome one-two punch of CAPTAIN AMERICA: WINTER SOLDIER and CIVIL WAR, and are now directing the upcoming two-part AVENGERS films. With the new film only a year away, their Facebook page uploaded this mysterious picture:

And above it, the ominous line: "Beginning the end." Among other sources, this seems to mean that they are already shooting AVENGERS 4 (title still unknown). Especially given the fact that only four fingers are shown. Which is exciting! I wonder how many returning cast members there'll be?

Meanwhile, AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR will hit theaters May 4th, 2018.

Source: Facebook

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