Sadako vs. Kayako trailer brings The Ring and Grudge franchises together

Last Updated on July 21, 2021


You know what, to hell with RINGS and the new GRUDGE movie. I want to see SADAKO VS. KAYAKO, the ultimate J-horror experience that brings together the ghostly villains of RINGU and JU-ON. We only got wind of this thing a few months ago, but thankfully we didn’t have to wait long to peep a trailer. Find it below.

The trailer doesn’t have English subtitles, but they aren’t wholly necessary; you’ll get the idea. As for the plot, what we know is Tina Tamashiro (pictured above) stars as Suzuka Takagi, a girl who carries Kayako’s curse after exploring the abandoned house, while Mizuki Yamamoto plays Yūri Kurahashi, a girl caught between Sadako and Kayako. Think that’s enough for now.

It looks like Japan will get to see Kōji Shiraish’s SADAKO VS. KAYAKO on June 18th of this year; hopefully the rest of the world won’t have to wait long to get a peek at this insane “grudge match” (hahaha). Here’s the film’s official website

Source: Arrow in the Head

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