Schwarzenegger says the search is on for a Conan director

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

The last time we heard about THE LEGEND OF CONAN, the film that will see Arnold Schwarzenegger reprising the role of the titular Robert E. Howard hero more than thirty years after the release of CONAN THE DESTROYER, producer Chris Morgan referred to it as a barbarian version of UNFORGIVEN. The description Schwarzenegger gave of the idea at a Q&A last week seems to drive home the comparison, the set-up of an older badass being pulled back into the action. He says the story will pick up at a point when King Conan has been

sitting on the throne for years and years – decades, and then all of the sudden, the time comes when they want to overthrow me. So that story WILL be told and that movie WILL be done."

While speaking, Schwarzenegger also indicated that the film's title has changed, as he referred to it not as THE LEGEND OF CONAN, but as CONAN THE CONQUEROR.

He went on to say that the screenplay by Andrea Berloff and Will is complete and 

we are now looking for directors, so this is a serious drive."

Producer Frederick Malmberg corroborates, 

Yes, Chris Morgan and I are meeting with directors at this moment. Interest is high, many are fans of Conan but we are not rushing. We have a great script and now we need the right director for the job."

If you're concerned that the currently 68-years-old Schwarzenegger may not be able to handle the role of Conan anymore, even for a story set decades after the previous films, he assures fans that

I feel great and the last few movies that I’ve done, I’ve done many of my own stunts. I did all the physical stuff and it didn’t wipe me out and I have plenty of energy and feel really terrific. So I am absolutely convinced that I can do the Conan movie and do the horseback riding, the sword fights and all the fighting."

Schwarzenegger is game, they just need to find that director. 

Source: TheArnoldFans

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