Scream 6: Neve Campbell says the sequel’s story did originally include Sidney

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Scream fans are still feeling the sting that Neve Campbell, for the first time in the franchise’s history, will not be appearing in the upcoming installment. Campbell confirmed the news when she made it public that Paramount Pictures/Spyglass did not offer her compensation that was worthy of the time she had put into the brand since it began in 1996. The actress stated, “I felt the offer that was presented to me did not equate to the value I have brought to the franchise.” Despite making it clear she’s not returning, social media chatter and rumors are running rampant that she secretly reached a deal with the studio, and they’re keeping her return under wraps. If this is true, she’s doing a hell of an acting job because she’s still denying that she’s in the film while also revealing that the movie’s story did originally involve her final girl heroine, Sidney Prescott.

During a Mad Monster Party Arizona panel, Campbell was asked if Sidney was initially involved in Scream 6’s story or if she had been left out of the creative process as they developed the script. The actress confirmed that Sidney was involved in the story for Scream 6, and she simply stated, “There were plans for Sidney, and they are no longer, unfortunately. I’m sure they’ll make a good movie.”

Whether Neve Campbell is pulling an Andrew Garfield ala Spider-Man: No Way Home and is lying to us, or if she’s really not involved in Scream 6, I’m really surprised Paramount/Spyglass didn’t do more to make her happy. The actress consistently trends on social media when her name is associated with Scream news. She’s the heart of the franchise and arguably the face of the franchise other than the horror movie-obsessed Ghostface. The studio clearly knew this when they plastered her image all over the promotional materials for 2022’s Scream and featured her prominently in the film’s trailers and TV spots, despite her taking on a more supporting role this time around. I know every franchise needs to move on and find new blood eventually, and they certainly have with the new cast, but it makes more sense to keep Neve Campbell involved because she’s clearly a big asset for most of the fans.

Do YOU think Neve Campbell is really out as Sidney, or will she make a surprise return in Scream 6?

Source: Mad Monster Party

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