Miles Teller and Anna Kendrick are slumming it with the Get a Job trailer

The first quarter of the year is generally considered dumping grounds for films that couldn't find a home elsewhere. Why do I bring that up? No reason. So, let's talk about GET A JOB! The film follows Will (Miles Teller) and Jillian (Anna Kendrick) who find themselves lost in a sea of increasingly strange jobs. But with help from their family, friends and coworkers they soon discover that the most important (and hilarious) adventures are the ones that we don't see coming. Oh boy. Did I mention Bryan Cranston was in this? Thought so! Here's the trailer!

Alright, so the movie doesn't really look like anything special, but neither do most films. Where this film leads the pack is casting one adorable actress in Anna Kendrick. Seriously, she makes pretty much anything watchable. Say what you will about Teller, but the man can act. Not sure how he fares in the comedy department, but maybe Mr. Cranston showed him a few pointers!

GET A JOB will hit theaters on March 25, 2016.


Source: CBS Films

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