Seth MacFarlane faces a loaded blaster in The Orville season two teaser

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

Last year Seth MacFarlane delivered his homage to space dramas, THE ORVILLE, to audiences, and though critics may have been displeased with the results audiences seemed to respond overwhelmingly to the outer space adventure. Much to many fans’ excitement the show was picked up for season two, and the very first teaser is here to get you ready to blast back off for some interstellar thrills as MacFarlane, Adrianne Palicki and their crew get into all sorts of hijinks. Maybe there will be some human/alien relations or even some human/alien miscommunications that lead to some sort of daring scenario. Anything is possible in space!


Like any teaser, the preview for THE ORVILLE is more of a mashup of shots from across the season, but that’s probably all fans need to get psyched for the new season. Those who haven’t seen it and assume it’s more of a comedy (naturally, with MacFarlane involved) may be curious about the teaser showing more dramatic, action clips than funny ones filled with aliens cracking wise or people getting into humorous misunderstandings. But the show is known for shifting between dramatic to comedic tones, which may have left critics scratching their heads, but is something fans enjoy about the show: it’s one that pays respect to shows that inspired it, while also finding room to poke fun.

From the beginning, there’s been a large divide between critics and audiences about the show. Just looking on Rotten Tomatoes you’ll see critic reviews have left the show at a 24%, while audiences were over the moon and their responses have left the show at a fantastic 93%, better than shows like STAR TREK: DISCOVERY and Netflix’s LOST IN SPACE. Perhaps this season the two factions can come together and enjoy the show together, bringing us all one step closer to world peace. 


THE ORVILLE season two premieres December 30.

Source: Fox

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