Should a Wonka sequel be (sugar-)rushed into production?

A sequel to last year’s Wonka is on the table, although its director doesn’t feel the need to rush into production.

Wonka sequel

If you want to view paradise, simply go and buy a ticket…That’s right, a sequel to last year’s Wonka – a surprise smash in the candy-coated eyes of many, raking in nearly $620 million worldwide – may be in the works, which should come as no surprise. But what could we expect from everybody’s favorite chocolatier? Its director may have some ideas in the vat…

As Paul King told, a Wonka sequel may be inevitable based on its success and reception. At the same time, he and fellow minds behind the movie don’t see a need to rush it into production. “It’s definitely something we’re thinking about…One of the things I love most about David Heyman, my producer, is that he has made so many great movies that he doesn’t feel the pressure to just make a movie because it can be made. He has this great saying which reassures me enormously where he goes, ‘We’ll have a think, see what we can come up with, and then see if we want to make it,’ and it’s incredibly liberating…”

And if Wonka doesn’t get a sequel? Well, so be it because making the movie that has the greatest chocolate shop the world has ever seen may be enough. “We can wait a beat, and if we don’t come up with a story, this is a movie with a beginning, a middle, and end that works on its own…Of course there are some ideas sloshing around, but we don’t have a story yet, so we’ll see what happens.”

Wonka absolutely has potential for a sequel, as the movie only explored the earliest days of Willy, leaving plenty of room to dive into what came after these events. Heck, Wonka creator Roald Dahl even continued the adventures in book form. The nice thing here is that the filmmakers wouldn’t have to rely strictly on Dahl’s words, as they can interpret and mold the character as they wish. After all, Timothée Chalamet is going to be the Wonka for generations to come, with all due respect to the great Gene Wilder, of course.

Do you think Wonka is deserving of a sequel? Where do you see the story going? Give us your hopes for a second movie below!


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