Shrek 5: A new Shrek movie is being teased, with original cast members in talks to return

Illumination CEO Chris Meledandri says Shrek 5 is in the works with the original cast in talks to return for another fairy tale adventure.

Shrek 5, Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz, Eddie Murphy

Listen up, everybody! I’m making waffles! According to VarietyShrek 5 is in the works, with original cast members expected to return to the animated fairy tale franchise. Illumination founder and CEO Chris Meledandri spoke about multiple projects, including new installments in the SingDespicable Me, and Secret Life of Pets franchises. Meledandri is also a creative partner at DreamWorks Animation, where a reboot of the studio’s Shrek property is bubbling up from the swamp. According to Meledandri, who met with Variety to talk about Illumination’s latest animated feature, The Super Mario Bros. MovieShrek 5 is courting original cast members (Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz, Eddie Murphy) to reprise their roles for the reboot.

“We anticipate the cast coming back,” Meledandri remarked. “Talks are starting now, and every indication that we’ve gotten is there’s tremendous enthusiasm on behalf of the actors to return.”

This development is interesting, considering reports of Diaz planning to quit acting again have surfaced. According to reports, Diaz became unsure about stepping back in front of the camera after Jamie Foxx reportedly had a meltdown on the set of the duo’s new film, Back in Action. Someone close to the production said Diaz doesn’t care for the 10-hour workdays and misses her daughter Raddix when she’s away. These reports are not confirmed, so Diaz is likely more than game to reprise her role as Fiona in the Shrek franchise.

“It’s not that dissimilar to the process that we went through with ‘Mario,’ where you look at what the core elements are that audiences have loved, and you do your very best to honor those core elements,” Meledandri explained about the importance of chemistry between cast members. “And then you’re hard at work to build story elements and new characters that take you to brand new places. The original cast is a huge part of that.”

Earlier this year, Eddie Murphy said he’d love a chance to voice Donkey again for a new movie. Murphy thinks Donkey should have a spinoff film, but I’m sure he’d be down for Shrek 5 too.

“If [DreamWorks] ever came with another ‘Shrek,’ I’d do it in two seconds,” Murphy said about playing the kind-hearted ass for another adventure. “I love Donkey. They did ‘Puss in Boots’ movies. I was like, ‘They should have done a Donkey movie.’ Donkey is funnier than Puss in Boots. I mean, I love Puss in Boots, but he ain’t funny as the Donkey.”

While there are no deals yet, Meledandri is hopeful that core cast members will return for Shrek 5. Is the world ready for Shrek and his friends to return to the pop culture zeitgeist? What would Shrek 5 be about? Would the film pick up where Shrek Forever After left off? This report isn’t the last we’ve heard about Shrek 5. Mark my words. If they build it, people will come.

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Source: Variety

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