Here are Some Cool Behind the Scenes Photos from Horror Films

Since everyone needs a bit of fun on their Fridays, I thought you guys might want to see some cool behind the scenes photos from several different horror films.

There are some that I know you guys may have seen, so I’m going to try to post others. The article originated over on Buzzfeed, so if you are curious about the rest head on over there. One of my favorites is the SILENCE OF THE LAMBS candid. Lector just needed a little fry break. I know many of you saw the BTS photos from THE SHINING those are some greats as well.

Also, f*ck everything about Tim Curry as Pennywise the clown.

Check out the photos below.

1. Johnny Depp on the set of SLEEPY HOLLOW. Watch out for that guy.

2. Jonathan Demme feeding Anthony Hopkins a fry through the Lecter mask on the set of SILENCE OF THE LAMBS

3. Nick Castle giving Micheal Myers a drink of the set of HALLOWEEN. Serial killers get thirsty too.

4. Freddy and friends just hanging out of the set of NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET.

5. Chucky getting some adjustments on the set of CHILD’S PLAY

6. Pennywise still being scary as f*ck while eating on the porch on the set of IT

7. Miko Hughes in costume as Gage one of the creepiest children of all time on the set of PET SEMETARY.

Source: Buzzfeed

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