Spin the Bottle: Ali Larter, Justin Long, and more cast in supernatural horror film

Deadline reports that genre regulars Ali Larter (the Final Destination and Resident Evil franchises) and Justin Long (Tusk, Drag Me to Hell, etc.) play supporting roles in the supernatural horror film Spin the Bottle, with Tanner Stine (Impulse) and Kaylee Bryant (Legacies) taking on the lead roles. Production recently wrapped on the film, which centers on

a group of teenagers in small town Texas who unleash a deadly force after playing the famed party game Spin the Bottle in an abandoned house where a grisly massacre once took place.

Gavin Wiesen directed Spin the Bottle from a screenplay by John Cregan (Plague Town). The actors mentioned above are joined in the cast by Christopher Ammanuel (Black Lightning), Ryan Whitney (Reagan), Angela Halili (American Horror Stories), Samantha Cormier (Legion), Hal Cumpston (The Greatest Beer Run Ever) and Tony Amendola (The Curse of La Llorona).

Financing for Spin the Bottle was provided by Fortress Media Group. Will Hayes, Jim Valdez, Kyle Hayes, and Chris Barish produced the film, with Harrison Kordestani serving as executive producer and Scot Ruggles co-producing.

Wiesen previously directed the 2011 romance The Art of Getting By and the 2017 comedy All Nighter. Spin the Bottle marks his horror debut… and while the idea of a deadly force being unleashed by a game of spin the bottle doesn’t sound very enticing to me, things get more appealing when I read about an “abandoned house where a grisly massacre once took place”. So I’m interested in seeing how Spin the Bottle turns out, and I’m already likely to watch the movie just because Larter and Long are in the cast.

How does Spin the Bottle sound to you? Are you a fan of any of the cast members? Share your thoughts on this one by leaving a comment below.

Justin Long

Source: Deadline

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