Studio 8 and Black Mask to adapt Black superhero comic book series to screen

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

With superheroes being the hottest ticket in Hollywood, these days, it's no wonder that studios are hoping to grab their own slice of the page-to-screen renaissance. Today, it's been announced that Studio 8 is collaborating with filmmaker Seith Mann (FIVE BREATHS DEEP, DEXTER, ELEMENTARY) and comic book creators Kwanza Osajyefo, Tim Smith 3, Jamal Igle and Khary Randolph for an adaptation of the comic book property BLACK.

BLACK made its local comic shop debut in 2016 courtesy of the indie publisher Black Mask Studios. The timely drama told in the pages of BLACK center around the concept of superpowers are real, but the only people that have them are black. The first chapter of the ongoing series centers on a young black man named Kareem Jenkins, who discovers his powers after being shot by police. Subsequent to the book's arrival, the concept quickly became a major hit for Black Mask Studios, who then released a follow-up series entitled BLACK AF: AMERICA'S SWEETHEART. In the aforementioned series, a young woman by the name of Eli Franklin works to become the world’s first superhero in an attempt to bring America closer together and bridge racial divides. Both releases are looking to be adapted for feature-length presentations with the idea of creating a "Black-verse" of interconnected films.

Osajyefo and Smith, who created the property, will co-produce the movie adaptation, with Black Mask Studios’ Matteo Pizzolo onboard as producer. Mann, who in the past has helmed episodes for THE WALKING DEAD, HOMELAND, BALLERS, will adapt the material for what is hoped to be a franchise endeavor.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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