Golden Globe Awards: Sunday’s ceremony will be a private event with no celebrity presenters

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The Golden Globe Awards will technically be the first awards ceremony of the season but the event will go off with very little fanfare because no one will see it on broadcast, online, or anywhere else.

According to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, “this year’s event is going to be a private event and will not be live-streamed. We will be providing real-time updates on winners on the Golden Globes website and our social media.” The HFPA gave their official statement to “Deadline” once the details were finalized.

The ceremony will now be a glamor-free affair with no red carpet, media, or celebrities attending. There was some narrative floating around that this was due to the Omicron variant surge but don’t like that fool you. Even though the HFPA is making changes within its controversial organization regarding the Golden Globes, no one really wants to be associated with it this year until it’s very clear that these changes have stuck. Most studios, when presenting their “For Your Consideration” ads, have not been touting this year’s Golden Globe nominations among the accolades for their films and TV series. It was also reported that some celebrities were reached out to regarding attending the event but all of them declined. Ouch!

What you will be hearing about is Kyle Bowser, SVP of the Hollywood Bureau of the NAACP, speaking on the Reimagine Coalition during the ceremony. Last October, the civil rights organization secured a five-year agreement with the inclusion-challenged HFPA to hammer out a series of initiatives to open diversity doors and scale-up representation. This is year is all about the rehab of the Golden Globe Awards and the HFPA.

Back in May, NBC revealed that they would not air the Golden Globes this year due to the diversity issues involving the HFPA. NBC did not block the HFPA’s path to presenting a live-streamed ceremony despite them having a multimillion-dollar and multi-year contract with the network. The live stream simply didn’t come together and the full results from Sunday’s Globes will be announced via press release after the 90-minute ceremony is over. Those attending Sunday’s Globes will be selected members of the HFPA and grant recipients of the organization’s philanthropy.

Do YOU think this year’s Golden Globe Awards should’ve been scrapped?

Source: Deadline

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