Take a gander at three upcoming films from Pixar with this concept art

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Even as we dive further into the digital age and delve deeper into the speed at which we can produce projects animated through computers, Pixar is one studio that still seems to have no problem taking its sweet time. Which, considering the general quality of their output, is hardly something really worth complaining about.

While Pixar’s upcoming prequel MONSTERS UNIVERISTY has been in the news for a fair while now, we know significantly less about those projects coming up beyond its June 21st release. Arguably in the works for at least as long as the monstrous prequel, if not longer in some cases, we’ve barely seen or heard anything concrete about those other three projects beyond their titles and a very general logline.  And sometimes, not even that much.

But that somewhat changes today, as Pixar released three pieces of concept art to stoke the fire of interest for their upcoming work (as if we somehow needed more teasing).  Check them out below, and then strike back below with your thoughts on their potential and the current state of Pixar.  It’s a new year now, and the animation house looks like it has big plans for the future. But what are you afraid of? What are you hoping for? And of the three projects shown off below, for which are you most excited?

First up there’s UNTITLED PIXAR MOVIE ABOUT DIA DE LOS MUERTOS, scheduled for the general release window of 2016 – directed by Lee Unkrich (TOY STORY 3), the project is “a wholly original Pixar Animation Studios film that delves into the vibrant holiday of Día de los Muertos.” 

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Next up is THE GOOD DINOSAUR, set to arrive May 30th, 2014 – to be directed by Bob Peterson (writer/co-director of UP, writer of FINDING NEMO), the speculative film takes on the question of “[what] if the cataclysmic asteroid that forever changed life on Earth actually missed the planet completely and giant dinosaurs never became extinct?

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And finally, there’s UNTITLED PIXAR MOVIE THAT TAKES YOU INSIDE THE MIND, set to arrive June 19th, 2015 – directed by Pete Docter (UP, MONSTERS INC.), “the inventive new film will take you to a place that everyone knows, but no one has ever seen: the world inside the human mind.”Pixar - next 3

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