Take a look at Batman v Superman before and after visual FX

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BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE may not have won over most audiences, but the film had it's moments and a large part of that was due to some mighty impressive visual FX. No, I'm not referring to Doomsday, but rather the city built for the film, as well as the bulk of the action sequences. Think you know what was VFX and what wasn't? It's time to see the real deal!

In a recent article over at Art of VFX, VFX supervisor Guillaume Rocheron talked a bit about the process and what it was like to create VFX for the IMAX ratio. You can check out the interview here, but I've included pictures from the film so you can get a glimpse of how things looked before the computer geniuses stepped in. Enjoy!

Source: Art of VFX

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