Tax Shelter Terrors, Canuxploitation doc premieres this Sunday in Toronto

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Tax Shelter Terrors

If you're a hardcore slasher fan like yours truly, you're probably aware of the long-standing assertion that Canadian slashers tend to be much more nuanced, frightening, and enjoyable than their American counterparts. Flicks like TERROR TRAIN, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME, MY BLOODY VALENTINE, VISITING HOURS, and the PROM NIGHT franchise are always high on the list of slasher favorites, and all came from the Great White North.

Well, these films all came from a world of Canuxploitation cult films, a long history that is covered by the upcoming documentary TAX SHELTER TERRORS. The film, which was directed by Xavier Mendik
and co-directed by Francesco Giannini and Deke Richards, will make its world premiere tomorrow (Sunday, October 15th) at Toronto's Horror-Rama convention. The 2PM screening will be introduced by Richards, with special guests!

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TAX SHELTER TERRORS is a documentary about how the Canadian Government tax incentives helped develop Canada's horror and exploitation film industry, creating some of that country's genre films.

The doc features Candian producers Pierre David (THE BROOD, SCANNERS), Andre Link (ILSA series, SHIVERS, RABID, MY BLOODY VALENTINE, DEATH WEEKEND), and Steve Hoban (BLACK XMAS, GINGER SNAPS series).

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