Teaser art for the films hitting the Frontières Market

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

On the eve of the 4th edition of the Frontières International Co-Production Market, the 24 Frontières and Off-Frontières film projects of the market's line-up are readying to meet with the 350 registered participants expected to attend the market.

With every new edition of the market, selected film projects have been stepping up their presentation materials. Every single project has created teaser artwork specifically for their presentation within the market, and a great number of them are standing out. Some of the artwork is really cool, espeically the LOVE SICK one. And then there are others that aren't so really cool, but hey, Dario Argento has a movie coming out called THE SANDMAN, so that's totally going to be awesome, right?

Three of them have already made the news: BLACK HORIZON by George Kane (Off-Frontières, designed by Annie Atkins), LOVE SICK by Todd E. Freeman (Frontières – designed by Phantom City Creative) and MARK OF KANE (Off-Frontières – designed by Omar Hauksson).

Seven other pieces of teaser artwork are worthy of special mention: EMERGENCE  by Kristina Buozyte and Bruno Samper (Frontières), EXTRA ORDINARY by Mike Ahern (Frontières – designed by D.A.D.D.Y.), RITE OF THE WITCH GODDESS by James Sizemore (Frontières – painted and designed by James Sizemore), THE GODLESS by Simon Rumley (Frontières – designed by Dan Schaffer), THE PASSENGER by Olivier Sabino (Off-Frontières), THE SANDMAN by Dario Argento (Off-Frontières – designed by Paul Gerrard) and TO BE CONTINUED by Rob Grant (Off-Frontières – designed by Agency 71).

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