Teaser released for upcoming Cannibal Holocaust videogame

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

Horror movies and videogames based on them has been a thing since the Atari 2600 era, including ones based on HALLOWEEN and TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE

But, not going to lie, it's still surprising to hear that they're going to be making a game based on the cult classic CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST, especially after so much time has passed since its initial release. But that's what Fantastico Studios is apparently doing, and they even got original director Ruggero Denato involved! Here's what they have to say about it:

Cannibal is an interactive horror graphic adventure made with Unity, with the direction and script of Ruggero Deodato, and the original drawings of Solo Macello, in which the player will take control of different characters, to reveal, little by little, the background that led them to a desperate expedition to the virgin jungles of Borneo. And of course, get to discover the end of the story, destined to shake from the foundations every certainty acquired during the game

The studio also dropped a teaser for the game, which right now has no gameplay footage and is just the logo with quick scenes from the movie interspersed, but it at least gets the word out. Meanwhile, the game is set to be released on Steam, PS4, X-Box, Steam, mobile, and (surprisingly) Nintendo Switch on November 20th.

So what do you guys think? Does this sound like something you'd be interested in? And what's the craziest licensed videogame you've ever played (and why is it the NES PLATOON game)? Either way, sound off below!

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