Terror in the Ailien Realms book consists of posters and reviews of non-existent movies

The book Terror in the Ailien Realms consists of posters and reviews for films that never existed, by Pat Tremblay and 50 contributors

Reminiscent of the Quentin Tarantino / Robert Rodriguez collaboration Grindhouse with its throwback features and faux trailers for non-existent movies, filmmaker and artist Pat Tremblay’s new book Terror in the Ailien Realms: Transdimensional Horror Movie Posters & Their Film Reviews consists of posters for and reviews of movies that have never existed!

An explanation of what this book is all about was provided in a press release (via Variety), “Drawn by the deep nostalgia of roaming video rental stores to find cool movies to watch by judging what its VHS box’s artwork would entice or beguile, filmmaker & artist Pat Tremblay has created a series of horror movie posters with the assistance of AI. He then proposed to talented individuals within the horror movie scene to write imaginary reviews for them. The result is a captivating mixture of styles, ranging from the enigmatic and alluring to the outrageously hilarious. The dimensional doors to the AIlien Realms have opened, and you can now read what horrific and crazy films this AI world has created, for better or for worse!

Fifty filmmakers, writers, and journalists contributed to Terror in the Ailien Realms, and here’s the list: Dave Alexander, Rodney Ascher, Jay Baruchel, Chris Bavota, Justin Benson, Stephen R. Bissette, Jörg Buttgereit, John Campopiano, Rob Cotterill, Mitch Davis, Damien Detcheberry, Steve De Jarnatt, Fabien Delage, William Earl, Isaac Ezban, Eric Falardeau, Garnet Fraser, Matt Garrett, Ted Geoghegan, Michael Gingold, Buddy Giovinazzo, Karim Hussain, Alan Jones, Elza Kephart, Matthew Kiernan, Jeremiah Kipp, Simon Laperrière, Miguel Llanso, David Lawson Jr., Tim Lucas, Aaron Lupton, Andy Mauro, Justin McConnell, Scooter McCrae, Mike Mendez, George Mihalka, Aaron Moorhead, Vincenzo Natali, Joel Potrykus, Richard Raaphorst, Dennison Ramalho, Jennifer Reeder, Shelagh Rowan-Legg, Simon Rumley, Gigi Saul Guerrero, Gary Sherman, Graham Skipper, Lee Paula Springer, Philippe Spurrell, Andrew Traucki, and Tal Zimerman.

Tremblay will be launching Terror in the Ailien Realms at the Fantasia Film Festival on July 28th. The launch party will take place from 5-7 p.m. at McKibbins Irish Pub, 1426 Bishop, 2nd floor. Sixteen of the contributors will be in attendance, and there will be a live reading of some of their contributions.

The first edition of Terror in the Ailien Realms is limited to five hundred copies. Signed and numbered copies can be pre-ordered through Tremblay’s website.

Rue Morgue got their hands on a few of the faux film posters, and you can check them out at the bottom of this article.

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 Terror in the Ailien Realms
 Terror in the Ailien Realms
 Terror in the Ailien Realms
 Terror in the Ailien Realms

Source: Variety

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