The fix is in! Guy Ritchie to direct a Ray Donovan spin-off, The Donovans, for Paramount+

Snatch filmmaker Guy Ritchie is slated to direct the Ray Donovan spin-off series, The Donovans, for Paramount+.

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As we prepare for the anticipated release of Guy Ritchie’s The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare in theaters on April 19, the Snatch and Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels director is ready to return to television for a Ray Donovan spin-off series. Loosely based on the hit Showtime series starring Liev Schreiber, The Donovans extends the show’s “fixer” premise to an elite family unit.

Here’s the official description for The Donovans:

“With the most powerful clients in Europe, The Donovans will see family fortunes and reputations at risk, odd alliances unfold, and betrayal around every corner; and while the family might be London’s most elite fixers today, the nature of their business means there is no guarantee what’s in store tomorrow.”

That’s the thing about empires; they can come crashing down anytime. You must be slick and think several steps ahead of opponents to keep the walls from tumbling down. Guy Ritchie directs the 10-episode series written by Ronan Bennett (Top BoyPublic EnemiesGunpowder), who recently spoke about The Donovans, saying, “We’re going to deliver a show which provides massive thrills, entertainment and a huge rush of adrenaline for audiences around the world.” 

“At the same time, I’m totally focused on exploring real characters, in body and in soul, and I’m committed to writing stories with deep dramatic impact,” Bennett continued. “We’re going to get under the skin of the criminal underworld, in a way which will show you the bone-deep truths of how they live and how it sometimes will – inevitably – impact on our own lives.”

Chris McCarthy, President of Showtime/MTV Entertainment Studios, is excited about launching The Donovans on Paramount+ later this year. Guy Ritchie’s stylish directorial approach and Bennett’s brilliant and concise writing should make for a killer combination. After a successful seven-season run, There are plenty of stories to tell in the Ray Donovan universe, and the new series plans to share those dramatic tales with fans.

Are you a Ray Donovan fan? What do you think about Guy Ritchie getting behind cameras for The Donovans? Do you believe Liev Schreiber’s character will appear in the new show? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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