The Exorcist season 2 has a premiere date

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

Earlier this month we shared the awesome news that FOX had renewed Jeremy Slater’s THE EXORCIST series for a second season. We then had to pass down the somewhat sad news that Geena Davis and the whole Rance family wouldn’t be returning.

What are you gonna do? Sometimes you have to take the sugar with the sh*t as they say. Do they say that? Whatever, if they do, then today I have a bit more sugar to throw on the spoon as we now know when FOX plans to unleash the second season upon us.

THE EXORCIST Season 2 will debut on FOX Friday, September 29th.

This gives us all a bit over three months to get ready for the new season. Or that gives you a little over three months to catch up on the series if you haven’t done so already. Either way, we here at AITH will keep you up to date on all thing THE EXORCIST leading up to its September release.

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THE EXORCIST Season Two premieres on FOX Friday, September 29th!

Source: FOX

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