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PLOT: After the death of his father, a young law school graduate decides to return to his hometown for the funeral. Once he arrives, he discovers an antique urn that seemingly can make all your dreams come true. But you know what they say… be careful what you wish for.

REVIEW: When it comes to ghosts and demons in horror, there is one villain that is rarely done right. Aside from the goofy and gory terror of WISHMASTER, it is pretty difficult to find a great movie about a genie or djinn with evil intentions. The same can be said about the frights of a cursed item that can grant a wish. A great example of how not to do it is last year’s painfully dull WISH UPON. While the film had a decent cast and budget, it wasn’t creepy or interesting in any way. Now if you were hoping for a solid flick about wishes causing havoc, well, your wish has been granted. In the independent feature THE FINAL WISH, a young man returns home after the death of his father, only to discover that bad things are waiting for him and those he loves thanks to a cursed object that can make your dreams come true… as well as your nightmares.

Aaron Hammond (Michael Welch) is a young law school graduate who can’t seem to catch a break. After a miserable job interview and getting locked out of his apartment for unpaid rent, he receives word that his father has passed away. In hopes to try and repair his relationship with his mother Kate (Lin Shaye) and his ex-girlfriend Lisa (Melissa Bolona), he returns home only to find that things are worse than he remembers. His luck changes however when he comes across a strange urn that belonged to his father. Soon, after unintentionally making a wish or two, all the things he hopes for begin to happen in real life. Of course, nothing comes for free. The more Aaron’s wants and desires begin to come to fruition, terrible things occur to those around him.

the final wish horror aith lin share michael welch timothy woodward jr. jeffrey reddick william halfon jonathan doyleTHE FINAL WISH does something that thankfully we are seeing more of in modern horror, it takes a little time to get to know Aaron and the friends and family that surround him. Thankfully, Michael Welch gives a terrific performance. Horror often strays away from a male lead, but thanks to a well written character and solid acting chops, the film works especially well. As good as he is, it is no surprise that the horror icon Lin Shaye steals every scene she is in. The actress creates a grieving character that is going through a rollercoaster of emotional responses due to her current situation. One moment, she breaks your heart, and the next she brings a little insanity to Kate. If you appreciate Ms. Shaye in INSIDIOUS, you’ll certainly enjoy her work here.

the final wish horror aith lin share tony todd michael welch timothy woodward jr. jeffrey reddick william halfon jonathan doyleAnother positive is the fact that the film manages to create a slow burning sense of dread. The wishes begin simply and believably. And when the first casualty arrives, it is a far more grounded sense of horror. You will find a few gruesome images, but that is ultimately not what the film is about. Instead of presenting a straight up demonic horror feature, THE FINAL WISH works as a sort of fantasy horror thriller. By placing focus on the tragedy of the characters, it manages to make for a much more interesting watch than your typical lazy CGI loaded, PG-13 drivel. The film takes a more traditional approach of less is more. And frankly, it works. Even when we do finally see the evil force behind the horrific event, it is used sparingly and effectively.

Directed by Timothy Woodward Jr., with a script by Jeffrey Reddick, William Halfon and Jonathan Doyle, this mysterious little flick is far more effective than the recent slot of PG-13 ghost flicks. Instead of resorting to outrageous monsters or a teenage cast making terrible choices, the focus remains on Aaron, Kate and their loss. Some of the other characters that stand out include a goofy best pal with a secret named Jeremy (Jonathan Daniel Brown) as well as a fairly brief cameo from the great Tony Todd – a perfect reunion for Reddick and Todd from the first FINAL DESTINATION.

the final wish horror aith lin share michael welch tony todd timothy woodward jr. jeffrey reddick william halfon jonathan doyleTHE FINAL WISH is yet another example of taking a low budget and bringing a fresh new take on a familiar storyline. It offers a well written script and a cast worth investing in. Michael Welch is the perfect choice as a young man facing a terrifying dilemma when it comes to having your dreams come true. The film recently premiered at Screamfest, and hopefully audiences will soon discover this little gem of a flick. This blend of fantasy horror with a strong character makes for a fun and engaging thriller, one that could easily continue on as a franchise. Here’s wishing that THE FINAL WISH will come true and horror fans will soon get a chance to seek it out.


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