The Flash season 6 finale delayed, remaining episodes to air later in 2020

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

COVID-19 is impacting yet another production. According to "Variety", The Flash will have a shortened season due to the coronavirus production woes. This has delayed the season 6 finale which is forcing the show to go on hiatus early with the remaining season 6 episodes to air later in 2020.

The Flash has enough episodes to get it to May 19 and after that, the show will go on hiatus as the network tries to figure when exactly in 2020 to air the remaining episodes. In its place, the new DC-inspired series Stargirl will be moved up a week and take over The Flash's traditional Tuesday slot. The Flash isn't the only CW show to have to go through this. The Vampire Diaries spinoff, Legacies, will go on a break with season 2, episode 16, which is set to air on March 26. Legacies will be replaced after that by new episodes of In The Dark season 2. Supernatural has been reported as finishing filming through episode 18 of its planned 20 episodes for its final season. Unfortunately, those episodes were unable to go through their visual effects and sound departments due to the production shutdown. For now, Supernatural's fifteenth and final season will be replaced by new episodes of Whose Line Is It Anyway? beginning March 30. A decision is still being made on how to handle airing the remaining episodes of the final season because two more episodes still need to be shot and it remains uncertain when productions can get back to work.

Out of all the networks, The CW has been one of the first to try to solidify a concrete scheduling plan in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Fox's Empire, which is currently airing its final season, is in a similar predicament as Supernatural since production on the final episode has not been completed yet. Fox hasn't announced if they will put Empire on hiatus until a later date so it can finish the series properly. The remaining networks, seem content with running the new episodes they have for their current series' and just accepting the fact that they're being cut short with scripts planned to finish out the current season likely shifted to next season or scrapped completely. 

When do YOU think the remaining episodes of The Flash and other series will air? Should they just be added to next season?

Source: Variety

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