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Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Nick Groff, Nick Groff Investigates, horror, The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, Hollywood, Marilyn Monroe, AITH, Arrow in the Head,

Nick Groff is one of the most respected names in television and beyond when it comes to the paranormal. He has had incredible experiences in some of the most haunted locations in the world. As a friend to Arrow in the Head, we’ve shared some very exciting experiences with Nick including a couple of wild and spooky moments that we’ve managed to capture on camera. Thus, we’ve decided to work with the television host and producer extraordinaire so he can share his knowledge and insight on all things that go bump in the night. With this bi-monthly column, we plan to delve into everything from urban legends to ghostly apparitions, to his take on some of the coolest genre flicks ever. This is Nick Groff Investigates…!

Nick Groff, Nick Groff Investigates, The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, Marilyn Monroe, horror, hauntings, AITH,, Arrow in the Head


In just a few days, Christmas arrives. Are you all ready? While 2020 presented a huge amount of challenges when it comes to celebrating the holiday, the best we can do is be thankful for what we have and celebrate the good we all share in our lives. So for me, we've done some light decorating, picked up a few presents for close friends and family, and I'm finally getting to all the classic movies that I love watching this merry time of year. Even while I write this, I'm listening to pretty much my favorite holiday record – that would be the Anna and the Apocalypse soundtrack, which is simply perfection.

Since Nick and I covered the holidays early with the previous column that focused on Scrooged, I was thinking about the first time I had lunch with Nick. While he was out for work, we met up at the restaurant of the hotel he was staying at. And what was that hotel you ask? It is the iconic Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel! When you think about history, it's impossible to not be impressed with the many familiar faces that have spent time at the Roosevelt. Considering that this amazing location is only a few miles from my place, I've had the luxury of spending some quality time at the impressive pool bar for a margarita or three, and it's always an experience.

When I suggested the Roosevelt to Nick, I had actually forgotten hanging out with him there several years ago. For me, as someone who is a huge fan of the history of Hollywood, it's just a place that I connected to instantly. In fact, I've had the opportunity to work at the hotel for a couple of studio events, and it's always fantastic. And after hearing about what Nick's experience was like, I have to say it was very similar to my own. I'll let him expand on it, but let me just add, I'd certainly like to spend a bit more time to see if it would be a more profound paranormal experience had I spent the night. That said, there's a ton of mood and energy at the Hollywood Roosevelt and a whole lot of atmospheric magic going on.

And now, here's what Nick had to say about his time at this amazing place that sits near the TCL Chinese Theatre directly on Hollywood Boulevard. Of course, please share your stories in the comments below. Maybe you found something a bit creepier than I did in the dark hallways that lay inside the hotel. And of course, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year! Stay safe and spooky and we'll see you in 2021!

Nick Groff, Nick Groff Investigates, horror, The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, Marilyn Monroe, AITH, Hauntings, Arrow in the Head,

The Hollywood Roosevelt is an incredible hotel with a lot of history. The energy there is very mysterious. I love visiting the hotel and taking in the environment. 

I've stayed in Marilyn Monroe's suite while at the hotel. It was an interesting experience, and I could feel the energy but didn't have any paranormal encounters. Room 1200 has had stories revolving around it for generations. Many have claimed to have seen Marilyn Monroe in the mirror in the hallway. There is definitely an energy that lingers inside the building. Even the people that were guests and all the emotions put out into the environment still lingers. 

I believe that the hotel is haunted but hidden in plain sight. The energy is all around the building leftover by guests that walked the hallways, partied, and stayed inside the rooms. I think that over time, stories become exaggerated by people's experiences and shared by third parties, but those are the stories that keep the memory alive like Marilyn Monroe. 

If you are ever in Hollywood, stop by the Roosevelt and experience it for yourself. The hotel's history will captivate you, and maybe the energy will move you too. Life is about the experience, and I feel Hollywood Roosevelt brings life back to those spirits from the past so the living can continue to remember people like Marilyn Monroe. My time spent at the Hollywood Roosevelt has always been positive, and I can't wait to return to experience more.

Source: Arrow in the Head

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