The Jetsons live-action series gets a pilot order at ABC

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

So besides that animated THE JETSONS film from the SAUSAGE PARTY director, it seems there’s also going to be a live-action TV series running simultaneously from producer Robert Zemeckis (director of BACK TO THE FUTURE). While that’s been known for some time, we now confirm that a pilot has been ordered, to be produced by ABC.

I’m conflicted about this. I honestly think that, out of all the cartoon series to get a live-action film, THE JETSONS would make the most sense. The idea of technology alienating and isolating families is way more relevant than it was when it came out, and could be done effectively. Furthermore, it also would have the opportunity to show off some neat spectacle with the futuristic city and its retro-future production design. And, look, it’s cool that we’re getting a live-action TV series, but a TV budget judy isn’t the same (just look at something like INHUMANS trying to compete with the feature films).

But who knows, maybe it’ll be great? We’ll just have to wait and see.

There is currently no release date as of yet, since the show is still at the pilot stage, but we’ll keep you posted about what happens to the future of this project!

Source: Variety

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