Pamela Anderson to star opposite Liam Neeson in Akiva Schaffer’s The Naked Gun reboot

Baywatch actress, model, and legendary icon of entertainment Pamela Anderson joins Liam Neeson for The Naked Gun reboot.

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Find a place to display your beaver prominently and order some TITAN condoms from Amazon because Pamela Anderson is joining Liam Neeson for The Naked Gun reboot. While today’s Deadline article fails to mention who Anderson is playing, we assume she’ll play the romantic lead opposite Neeson’s Frank Drebin Jr. Lisa Marie Presley played the love interest of Leslie Nielsen’s Lt. Frank Drebin in the original comedy film, resulting in some unforgettable and hilarious moments and sight gags.

After filming 110 episodes of the jiggly action TV series Baywatch, Pamela Anderson is no stranger to comedy. In addition to running in slow motion alongside David Hasselhoff, Yasmine Bleeth, Jeremy Jackson, and more, Anderson starred in Scary Movie 3 and Superhero MovieThe Naked Gun reboot carries a lot of pressure from fans of the Leslie Nielsen-led trilogy, but I’ve got a great feeling about this inspired casting choice.

Akiva Schaffer directs and executive produces The Naked Gun reboot, which will be released on July 18, 2025.

While speaking with THR, Liam Neeson was asked why he wanted to tackle a flat-out comedy like The Naked Gun.

“It’s funny because right before Christmas, my sons and I were looking through the Academy screeners and trying to find something silly, some silly, stupid movie that we could giggle at,” Neeson explained. “There was none, of course, as they were all very heavy and international. I mean, brilliant movies but all very heavy. When Seth MacFarlane approached me about it — this was about two years ago, now — I thought, yeah, I guess I could do that as long as I play it dead seriously and not try and imitate Mr. Leslie Nielsen. He was wonderful. Akiva Schaffer is directing it and he’s from the [Saturday Night Live] world. I’m looking forward to it. It’s a good script, and there’s a few laugh out loud moments in it.”

What do you think about Pamela Anderson joining the cast of The Naked Gun reboot? How will her character differ from Presley’s Jane? How does she like her roast? We’ll find out when The Naked Gun reboot comes to theaters next year.

Source: Deadline

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