The Shed: short film starring Halloween 3’s Stacey Nelkin secures Cinedigm distribution

Eva Hamilton and Stacey Nelkin star in The Shed, a horror short film that has secured a distribution deal with Cinedigm

In 2021, Eva Hamilton – whose acting credits include roles in Death Kiss and the upcoming Mutilator 2 – co-founded a production company called The Mooncats, with Stacey Nelkin of Halloween III: Season of the Witch on board as a creative executive. The first project to come from The Mooncats is the short horror film The Shed, and the company reports that they have signed a non-exclusive distribution deal with Cinedigm! As part of this deal, The Shed will be featured in the next season of Bloody Bites, a collection of horror shorts that are released through the Screambox streaming service.

Described as “a grounded, anchored and suspenseful tribute to the 35mm Horror Films of the late 1970s and early 1980s”, The Shed stars Hamilton and Nelkin. The story of the 22 minute short follows Whitney, a struggling escort, as she mitigates the emotional and financial toll of Adult Service work. After seeing an ad for a House Sitter as posted by a Christian Counselor, Whitney pursues an opportunity to house-sit at a luxury log home in the country. Almost immediately, the eccentric and superficial charm of the advertiser, Barbara, makes Whitney uneasy as the two travel to an obscure location in the idyllic, foliage-lined countryside. After a tour of the house and a speedy departure from Barbara, Whitney finds herself isolated and jumpy in the darkness of the wilderness. Gradually, Whitney begins to realize that “something here” – is very wrong. After a few glasses of wine and a joint, Whitney is horrified to discover that she is not alone, as she is confronted with a perverse and squalid predator. As Whitney fights for her life, she slowly discovers a malevolent and devious plan constructed by a desperate and merciless Mother, who will stop at nothing to “feed” her deformed child. Will Whitney survive the attack? Will she be able to battle Barbara and overcome two deranged perpetrators? Only a fiery, synth-wave-scored climax in The Shed will tell.

The Shed has been making the festival rounds lately, and it’s good to hear that it has secured a distribution deal that will allow more horror fans to see it. I’ve had the chance to watch the short and really enjoyed it. It has an interesting set-up, a great retro vibe, and nods to horror classics, including the presence of Stacey Nelkin. She hasn’t done a lot of acting in the last couple decades, so it was cool to see her in another horror project. The Shed is definitely worth checking out when it’s available on Screambox.

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The Shed

Source: The Mooncats

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