Mutilator 2 trailer reveals the slasher sequel is taking a meta approach

Fangoria has unveiled the trailer for Mutilator 2, writer/director Buddy Cooper’s long-awaited follow-up to his 1984 slasher The Mutilator (pick up a copy HERE), and you can check it out in the embed above! It was previously announced that The Mutilator cast members Ruth Martinez and Bill Hitchcock would be returning for Mutilator 2, despite the fact that Hitchcock’s character died in the first movie, and now the trailer has revealed how that’s possible: this sequel is taking a meta approach! Much like New Nightmare or the Town That Dreaded Sundown update, Mutilator 2 is set in a world where the first film was just a movie. But now someone is bringing the slashing of The Mutilator to life.

The original The Mutilator (a.k.a. Fall Break) had the following synopsis:

Years after the accidental death of his wife, a deranged man starts to slice and dice his son’s friends at a beachfront condominium.

Mutilator 2 producer Jeff Seeman provided the following statement: “As an old-school horror fan, I absolutely loved The Mutilator. The sequel will showcase everything that original Mutilator fans loved, and I’m thrilled to be a part of this film. Buddy Cooper has always had a great sense of humor and a fondness for creative, bloody death scenes. Mutilator 2 will be no exception to his unique style. Only this time, there will be a bigger body count.

Martinez and Hitchcock are joined in the cast by Terry Kiser (Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood), Damian Maffei (The Strangers: Prey at Night), Eva Hamilton (Death Kiss), Cody Renee Cameron (El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie), Chaney Morrow (Haunt), Marco Reese Maldonado (East New York), Eric Six (Christmas Collision), Ryan James (Terrifier 2), Emily Sue Bengtson (Puppet Master: Doktor Death), Brandi Botkin (Wicked Ones), Anna Clary (Late Checkout), Peter Bussian (Wrecking Crew), Mark Francis (Bed of Nails), Carl J Grasso (Amityville Karen), Bryden Elliott DiGennaro (Arachnado), Colson Dorafshar (Room for Error), Carroll Herring (The Fez Belcher Show), Gabriella Mead (The Deep Woods), and newcomers Jesse Contente, Dan Grogan, Abbie-Rose Attaya, Wyatt Easterling, and Loren Swan.

What did you think of the Mutilator 2 trailer? Are you a fan of The Mutilator, and are you looking forward to the sequel? Let us know by leaving a comment below. This movie looks like a good time to me, but I was sold on Mutilator 2 as soon as it was announced.

Mutilator 2

Source: Fangoria

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