The Trip trailer: Hannah Fierman, Doug Bradley, John Amplas, Lori Cardille horror film premieres this month

A trailer has been released for the horror film The Trip, which stars genre icons Hannah Fierman, Doug Bradley, John Amplas, & Lori Cardille

In the last days of 2022, we learned that production had wrapped on the psychedelic horror film The Trip, which stars an impressive line-up of genre icons and regulars: Hannah Fierman (V/H/S/), Doug Bradley (Hellraiser), John Amplas (George A. Romero’s Martin), and Lori Cardille (Romero’s Day of the Dead). The presence of Amplas and Cardille in this film seemed especially fitting since The Trip was filmed in Pennsylvania, not far from Romero’s beloved Pittsburgh. Nearly ten months later, The Trip is now ready to start making its way out into the world – and the premiere is going to be held at the Lindsay Theater in Sewickley, Pennsylvania on October 26th! In anticipation of the premiere, a trailer has arrived online, and you can check it out in the embed above.

Written and directed by Dean Jacobs, The Trip is coming our way from Collective Imagination Productions and has been described as “Deliverance meets The Amityville Horror, with just a dash of hallucinogenic drugs!” Another description says its “one part haunted house story, one part slasher film”, and repeats the “just a dash of hallucinogenic drugs” line. Here’s the synopsis: Four childhood friends take a weekend trip to a rural farmhouse in Pennsylvania. Expecting a relaxing weekend of excess, the group soon comes to find out, the house has something else planned. It was fun… until it wasn’t.

The filmmakers note that “although names have been changed to protect those involved and creative liberties have been taken, much of this story is based in fact.”

The actors mentioned above are joined in the cast by Luke Edwards, Evan Sloan, and Calvin Dittmore. Jacobs also has an acting role in the film.

A Pittsburgh native, Jacobs returned to his hometown to make The Trip there. This marks his feature directorial debut. He provided the following statement: “Pittsburgh, birth place of the zombie film and creative home to George Romero. I made sure to honor his legacy in many ways with this film, including the casting of John Amplas and Lori Cardille. The story takes place just an hour outside of Pittsburgh, PA and the film was shot entirely on location in a 167 year old farmhouse.

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