They’re in love & kick butt! Milla Jovovich & Paul Anderson in Deadly Duos!

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

In this latest edition of our video series DEADLY DUOS we take a an in depth look at one of horror’s most profitable pair: actress MILLA JOVOVICH & director PAUL W.S. ANDERSON! From slaying zombies ( in no less than six Resident Evil movies together) to saying "I do", this duo has been playing the wam-bam horror game for decades and with Monster Hunter on the way, looks like they're not done! Gun down the embed above and dive into their world!

Our video series Deadly Duos is all about:

Deadly Duos is Arrow in the Head’s series dedicated to featuring the iconic pairings of filmmakers who have worked together multiple times in horror films. Actors and directors, producers and composers, no matter the role or the era, every episode is a journey through the most beloved and classic (as well as obscure and forgotten) pairings that have made for the most memorable films in horror history.

 Our DEADLY DUOS is created by Steven Espinoza and Chris Vander Kaay. Once you're done exploring the wild world of Jovovich and Anderson, you can scroll down to dig into our past DEADLY DUOS episodes. And don't forget to check out all of the HORROR GOODS our original content YOUTUBE CHANNEL HERE has to offer! ENJOY!

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