Tom Cruise and Doug Liman: Together again for Luna Park

Tom Cruise has found a buddy in Doug Liman. Having already come together for a strong collaboration with the criminally underseen EDGE OF TOMORROW (it’s not LIVE DIE REPEAT, no matter what anyone tells you) and with MENA on deck for a January 6, 2017 release, the duo may be going back to the working well for a third time.

Cruise is hopping on development of Liman’s long-stuck LUNA PARK with designs on possibly starring in the film over at Paramount. The project has been in the works with Liman for a number of years with both Chris Evans and Andrew Garfield at one point being very close to signing onto a picture that looked ready to go. However, budget concerns derailed the whole concept, and it’s been on the shelf for the last four years as a result.

A new draft for LUNA PARK is expected soon, and how that fresh pass on the material is received may play a big role in how quickly things may come together on this film actually happening. After all, if Tom Cruise wants to do a movie, it typically gets done. So with Liman already having earned Cruise’s trust in recent years, he’d better hope he earns his backing for a flick about “a group of renegade employees who venture to the moon to steal an energy source.” If that happens, LUNA PARK will find itself once again in good standing and on the road to getting made.

Source: Variety

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