Tom Cruise space movie could be planning tentative liftoff date

Tom Cruise's movie in space may actually have a tentative liftoff date if we are to believe images from the Space Shuttle Almanac.

On Monday, the Twitter for the Space Shuttle Almanac shared a photo of spacecrafts and countries set to launch from in the next three years. What stood out on the chart were a few names that would be very familiar if you followed the Hollywood scene. On the October 2021 section of the chart, you will find one that reads "SpaceX Crew Dragon,” with an image of a small space vehicle beside it. Upon closer inspection you will then find three names: SpaceX Pilot Lopez Alegria, Tourist 1 Tom Cruise, and Tourist 2 Doug Liman. There is also a vacant spot for a third visitor. Perhaps Elon Musk? You can check out the Almanac post below:

This could very well just be a date for a preliminary trip to test everything out before we send one of our biggest movie stars in the world into space to shoot a film but it is a strong indication that moves are being made to get the unprecedented project underway. Tom Cruise's space adventure was first announced in May when it made news that the actor would be teaming up with the Elon Musk company for NASA’s first narrative film. The project grew even more legs when Doug Liman jumped on as director and Universal Pictures threw $200 million into the history-making film.

Still no word on what the film is going to be about but honestly you had me at Tom Cruise in space so I'm all in. Are YOU excited to see this project come together?

Source: Twitter

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