Tom Holland & Victor Miller’s Rock, Paper, Scissors gets July release

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

Rock Paper Scissors Tom Holland

First announced back in the summer of 2016, the long-awaited cinematic team-up between CHILD'S PLAY / FRIGHT NIGHT director Tom Holland and FRIDAY THE 13TH screenwriter Victor Miller is finally getting a home video release this summer, courtesy of Lionsgate. Called ROCK, PAPER, DEAD up to this point, the film has now been re-titled ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS. Just taking the name of the game works for me, because I thought "rock, paper, dead" sounded pretty goofy.

Directed by Holland from a script written by Miller and Kerry Fleming, ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS is the story of "a serial killer that's been cured… or has he?"

Released from a mental hospital, Peter is haunted by memories of childhood abuse and murder victims while being menaced by the cop who put him away. His only friend is pretty neighbor Monica, who says she wants to interview him for a book. But does she have a more sinister motive in mind?

This plot has always reminded me of PSYCHO II, which was written by Holland.

ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS stars Luke Macfarlane as reformed serial killer Peter "The Doll Maker" Harris. His co-stars include Michael Madsen, Tatum O'Neal, Jennifer Titus, Anna Margaret, Maureen McCormick, Gabrielle Stone, Najarra Townsend, John Dugan, and Ari Lehman.

FRIDAY THE 13TH composer Harry Manfredini provided the score for ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS, and Vincent Guastini handled the special effects.

The film is scheduled to be released on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital/VOD on July 23rd. It has been rated R for strong bloody violence, disturbing behavior, language, and brief nudity.

Rock Paper Scissors Tom Holland

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