Tom Savini documentary Smoke and Mirrors coming to Shudder in December

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

Fans of special effects legend Tom Savini have been waiting a long time to see director Jason Baker's SMOKE AND MIRRORS: THE STORY OF TOM SAVINI, a feature length documentary about Savini's incredible life and career. A successful Kickstarter campaign was run for the project back in 2011, but since then I'm not sure anyone has had a chance to watch it outside of some festival screenings. Now that is about to change, as Shudder has announced that SMOKE AND MIRRORS is among the movies being added to the streaming service next month. 

Making its streaming premiere, SMOKE AND MIRRORS will be available for viewing through Shudder in the U.S. and Canada. 

Special Makeup effects legend, actor, director and stuntman Tom Savini has redefined the horror genre with his arsenal of talents. But who is the man behind the "King of Splatter?" From his childhood in Pittsburgh to his tour of duty during Vietnam, to his beginnings with George A. Romero and beyond, Smoke and Mirrors is the defining documentary on the life and career of a horror icon. 

The documentary features interviews with the likes of George A. Romero, Greg Nicotero, Danny McBride, Robert Rodriguez, Danny Trejo, Alice Cooper, Sid Haig, Doug Bradley, Caroline Williams, Jerry Only, Tom Atkins, Corey Feldman, Howard Berger, John Amplas, "Chilly Billy" Cardille, Jerry Gergely, Bill Moseley, Debbie Rochon, John A. Russo, Tony Todd, Ted White, Fred Williamson, Taso N. Stavrakis, and of course Savini himself.

SMOKE AND MIRRORS: THE STORY OF TOM SAVINI begins streaming on December 16th. I'm very interested in checking it out.

Smoke and Mirrors: The Story of Tom Savini

Savini had an acting role in MACHETE KILLS 

Source: Daily Dead

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