Tom Sizemore and Linnea Quigley take on The Litch

Last Updated on July 31, 2021

The Litch James Balsamo

"He's not a demon or a witch 
Run for your life, here comes The Litch"

That rhyme will likely be stuck in your head, like it's currently stuck in mine, after you watch the teaser for THE LITCH, the latest horror movie from director James Balsamo, whose previous genre contributions include HACK JOB, I SPILL YOUR GUTS, COOL AS HELL, BITE SCHOOL, and KILLER WAVES.

Tom Sizemore and horror icon Linnea Quigley have cameo roles in THE LITCH and are joined in the cast by Dave Stein as the title character who, as the rhyme informs you, is not a demon or a witch. Rather, The Litch is 

an undead zombie wizard, who will stop at nothing to retrieve its powerful crystal stolen by three witches!

That sounds like a fine story to me and there is a moody build-up to the reveal of The Litch in the teaser trailer, but I was a bit disheartened when he began speaking. I don't really want to hear a zombie wizard cracking Kardashian jokes, but I'm not into jokester villains in general.

THE LITCH is currently in post-production, and to promote the film Balsamo and Stein are appearing at this weekend's Monster Mania convention in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, where Stein will be in costume as The Litch.

Source: Acid Bath Productions

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