Top 5 Most Awfully Good Moments in Oscar History (Video)

Last Updated on July 31, 2021

This week, Awfully Good Movies is turning its attention away from bad movies to great movies..namely the awful things that have happened at the Academy Award ceremonies honoring those movies. Just in time for this weekend’s 89th Annual Academy Awards, it’s the Top 5 Most Awfully Good Moments in Oscar History! I mean, let’s face it, for a ceremony that celebrates the best of Hollywood, the Oscars can tend to show us the worst of Hollywood–cheesy production numbers, godawful jokes being read off a teleprompter as if a gun was being held at the celebrities’ heads, and everything else in between. Well, our Top 5 list has a little bit of all that–naked hippies streaking the stage, a high James Franco zoning out on live TV, a hairplugged John Travolta not knowing how to pronounce names, and two production numbers that show you the 1980s in all its horrible choreographed glory. It’s an epic celebration of the hilarious things that can happen when celebrities go too far in kissing their own asses. But unlike the Academy Awards, at least Awfully Good Movies’ awards ceremonies have some common sense not to run for 3 and a half hours. AND we would gladly let Michael Keaton and/or Sylvester Stallone win if they were ever up for any of our awards–BATMAN AND ROCKY WERE SNUBBED, GODDAMMIT!!! FUCK YOU, EDDIE REDMAYNE AND MARK RYLANCE, YOU HANDY-DANDY BRITISH FOPS!!! THOSE OSCARS DIDN’T BELONG TO YOU!!!

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