Trailer: A vengeful Camille Keaton will make you Cry for the Bad Man

Last Updated on July 21, 2021

Cry for the Bad Man Camille Keaton Samuel Farmer

Camille Keaton, star of the 1978 cult classic revenge film I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE, is out to deliver savage vengeance again in the upcoming film CRY FOR THE BAD MAN, which takes its title from a 1976 Lynyrd Skynyrd song.

Written and directed by Samuel Farmer, CRY FOR THE BAD MAN is said to be a film that turns the home invasion thriller sub-genre on its head, drawing inspiration from real world incidents. The story: 

A small, southern town turn their backs on local widow, Marsha Kane, who faces extortion from the privileged sons of their hometown hero. Threatened with violence, Marsha responds with violence, as she's forced to make a last stand.

The film was produced by Kathryn McAvoy, Corina Farmer, and Jonathan Shepard. One of them offered the following statement: 

Men on the fringes of society regard women as  'soft targets' easy to be exploited, victimized, or killed. For instance, on New Years Eve 2012, Oklahoma widow Sarah Dawn McKinley was alone with her 3 month old when Justin Shane Martin burst into her home. Minutes later, Martin would be dead. McKinley’s 12 gauge smoking in her hands… What goes through the mind of a man upon entering the home of an 18 year old new mother, isolated at midnight in a dark rural home? Besides a bullet?

CRY FOR THE BAD MAN was inspired by a series of such stories, some without happy endings. Its villains, poisoned by toxic masculinity can’t fathom being bested by a woman… an OLD woman.

In horror/suspense films, we’re used to seeing victims make irrational decisions (splitting up rather than banding together, backing slowly through a dark house rather than sprinting away to safety) CRY FOR THE BAD MAN sees the bad guys making these strategic errors, all born out of underestimating their target: A lonely grieving widow, isolated in her rural home, abandoned by the outside world.

That description of the film sounds good to me, I'm totally down to watch Keaton kick some more ass and make a mess of a whole new batch of villains.

Keaton's co-stars in the film include Scott Peeler, Karen Konzen, Eric Dooley, Christopher James Forrest, Mark Poppleton, Victor Jones, and Kurt McCall.

A trailer for CRY FOR THE BAD MAN has been released online and can be seen right here:

Source: Facebook, CHUD

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