Trailer and expanded synopsis for Korean thriller Live TV

Last Updated on July 22, 2021

Here we have a long synopsis and an early promo poster for the Korean horror film LIVE TV, which sounds a bit like VACANCY meets any one of those thrillers where a murderer puts his crimes on the internet and gets millions of hits.

Be warned: There are some spoilers in the synopsis.

Cheong-rok, who hosts his own live Internet show, dreams of reaching a million viewers. For his upcoming episode, he’ll live-stream a sex scene from his smartphone, co-starring best friend Seon-hong and sexy Ja-ju. But on the night, Ja-ju is too drunk to perform and the two men recruit Yeon-du, a pretty girl with ambitions to sing in a girl band. After recording the first sex scene at a pay-by-the-hour motel, viewers cross the 100,000 mark.

When Ja-ju phones after sobering up, Cheong-rok picks her up in his car. Left alone, Seon-hong returns from the bathroom to find that Yeon-du has disappeared, leaving a pool of blood on the floor. When Cheong-rok and Ja-ju arrive, the three start searching for the runaway within the motel, only to discover many rooms filled with bloody corpses and body parts. When they try to leave, they discover that the motel’s front doors are locked, trapping them inside with a serial killer.

While Seon-hong has a nervous breakdown, Cheong-rok focuses on capturing images of the bloodbath, even encouraging viewers not to call the police. The audience doubles to 200,000 when Seon-hong is decapitated, setting a ratings record for the show. As Cheong-rok and Ja-ju search for a way out, recording the butchery around them becomes as important as survival. And when the audiences approaches a million viewers, Cheong-rok must make a life or death decision.

The film was directed by Sun-ung Kim and Kwang-soo Son and stars Je-wook Yeon, Eun-a Ko, Song-ha Yeon and Hyun-woo Kang.

Eun-a Ko

Source: Arrow In The Head

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