Trailer and release date for Brazilian horror film The Trace We Leave Behind

Last Updated on July 21, 2021

The Trace We Leave Behind JC Feyer Rafael Cardoso Leandra Leal

Last year, I was able to visit the set of the Brazilian psychological (or is it supernatural?? horror film THE TRACE WE LEAVE BEHIND (O RASTRO in Portuguese), and I got the feeling while on the set that director J.C. Feyer and producers Malu Miranda and André Pereira, who also co-wrote the screenplay with Beatriz Manella, were crafting something that is going to be very impressive when the world gets a chance to see it.

THE TRACE WE LEAVE BEHIND's Brazilian release date is now drawing near; audiences in the film's home country will be able to watch it in theatres beginning on March 30th. A trailer has been released online and can be seen below – press the CC button to select English subtitles.

With a cast that includes Rafael Cardoso, Leandra Leal, Felipe Camargo, Claudia Abreu, and Jonas Bloch, the film tells a story that is

set against Brazil’s roiling social unrest and centers on  bright, recently-promoted doctor Joao, who is tasked with coordinating the overnight transfer of patients when yet another public hospital is closed in Rio. When a young girl patient goes missing, he tries to locate her, and is gradually drawn into a world he wishes he had never entered.

Since THE TRACE WE LEAVE BEHIND was my first set visit experience, this trailer is also the first time I've gotten to see a promo for a new film that features locations that I have walked through myself. It's really cool to see on the screen all these things that I saw up close and in person.

Thankfully, the horrors that torment Joao were not present in that abandoned hospital wing when I was given my tour, and while there was blood, I was assured that it was fake.

THE TRACE WE LEAVE BEHIND will be in theatres in Brazil two months from today, and I will share the news as international release details become available.

To read my full set visit report, click HERE.

Source: Lupa Filmes

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