Tremors: Island Fury had an explosive first week of filming

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

Co-stars have come and gone, but Michael Gross has stuck with the TREMORS franchise ever since working on the first movie thirty years ago. He has appeared in every TREMORS movie; even when there was an Old West prequel made, Gross was in it as an ancestor of his usual character, survivalist Burt Gummer. He was also in nearly every episode of the short-lived TV series that aired in 2003 – and the only reason he missed some episodes of that was because there was a scheduling overlap and he had to leave the set of Tremors: The Series to work on TREMORS 4. This is a man dedicated to his franchise.

Now Gross is at it again. The seventh TREMORS movie, believed to be titled TREMORS: ISLAND FURY, began filming in Thailand last week and Gross is back as Burt Gummer, now sporting a new look. In this one Burt has long white hair and a bushy white beard, making him look like an angry Santa Claus.

Gross celebrated the start of filming by shooting a short Instagram video message to fans, and he was joined in that video by new co-stars Jon Heder and Jackie Cruz.  

On her Instagram, Cruz also shared a picture that gives a look at her character Freddie and Cassie Clare's character Anna. Cruz said these characters will be "kicking some pea-brain Graboid ass."

Scenes involving horses and elephants have also been filmed. Hopefully those animals weren't walking in areas where Graboids are moving around underground. And since explosives are the most effective way to handle a Graboid infestation, it's no surprise to see that explosions have been going off on the set of TREMORS: ISLAND FURY. Mark Douglas of the FX team shared a video of a very cool pyrotechnics display.

All of these Instagram posts are embedded below.

TREMORS 5: BLOODLINES and TREMORS: A COLD DAY IN HELL director Don Michael Paul returns to the helm for this new sequel. Written by Brian Brightly, TREMORS: ISLAND FURY finds that 

the deadly Graboids are back, illegally brought in to a new island resort by a rich playboy looking for a trophy hunt.

Gross, Heder, Cruz, and Clare are joined in the cast by Richard Brake, Caroline Langrishe, Sahajak Boonthanakit, Matthew Douglas, Randy Kalsi, Bear Williams, David Asavanond, Boonma Lamphon, Aukrawut Rojaunawat, Iris Park, and Mikey Black.

We'll keep you updated as we hear more about TREMORS: ISLAND FURY. In the meantime, all six previous TREMORS movies can be purchased in this collection. Completists will also want to pick up the episodes of the TV series.


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