Tremors: Shrieker Island reveals more information on the film’s characters

We're just a week and a half away from the release of a new TREMORS film, as TREMORS: SHRIEKER ISLAND, the seventh film in the franchise, is set to reach Blu-ray, DVD, VOD, and Digital on October 20th. You can pre-order the film on Amazon, and while you're there you may notice that the Amazon page has also unveiled a batch of character bios that let us know more about the people who will be crossing paths with Graboids, Shriekers, and Ass-Blasters this time around.

Directed by Don Michael Paul from a screenplay by Brian Brightly, TREMORS: SHRIEKER ISLAND has the following synopsis: 

When a nature preserve in the Solomon Islands is infiltrated by Graboids, Ass Blasters, and Shriekers, two of the preserve’s top scientists recruit Burt Gummer (Michael Gross), monster hunter extraordinaire, to eradicate the infestation. While there, Burt picks up a potential new protégé and encounters lost love.

The bios on the Amazon page start with franchise hero Burt Gummer: 

Burt Gummer (Michael Gross)
Famed Graboid hunter and survivalist, Burt Gummer is one of a kind. He is recruited by Jas and Jimmy, and taken out of “retirement”, to solve their Graboid problem, but when he gets to the island he realizes their in for a much bigger threat. Burt, as always, leads the charge in surviving, and saving those he can from their vicious attack. On this particular journey, Burt finds a little time to help Jimmy grow up, and potentially even love for himself.

Then they go on to tell us about the new characters we'll be meeting in the sequel.

Jas (Caroline Langrishe)
Jas is a naturalist and veterinarian working for Avex-Bio Wildlife preserve, monitoring the arrival of a variety of different animals shipped to a small island in the Solomon Is-lands. She is intelligent, insightful, centered, strong (physically and mentally), and won’t take crap from anyone. She and Jimmy join forces with Graboid hunter Burt Gummer, with whom she had a romantic fling many years ago.

Jimmy (Jon Heder)
A bit of a nerd but capable of more courage than he thinks, Jimmy was an embryonic physiology major who is hired by Jas to work at the preserve in the Solomon Islands. He is more geared for the lab than the field, but he proves to be game, coming to admire and respect Burt for giving him the chance to change his life.

Freddie (Jackie Cruz)
Smart as she is tough, Freddie is always quick to come up with solutions to combat the Graboid and Shrieker infestation on the island. She likes to flirt with Jimmy, seeing how uneasy it makes him. Freddie is fearless and ready for any challenge that comes her way.

Bill (Richard Brake)
As a hunter, Bill stands alone – he’s the best in the world. As a person, he’s got buckets of charisma. He runs hunts of endangered species and exotic animals for billionaires on a private island. Bill, wanting to up the ante, brings genetically juiced Graboids to the island to be hunted. As he falls deeper into madness, he jeopardizes the lives of his hunters and the scientists at the wildlife preserve.

Anna (Cassie Clare)
Anna specializes in bow hunting, which gives the hunter less of an edge than a gun and is therefore more dangerous, but she likes the challenge. She’s courageous, well-prepared, and Bill’s right hand – until she realizes he is putting them all at the mercy of voracious creatures – and sneaks off to help our heroes in their battle.

That covers the major characters, but there are still a lot more to meet when TREMORS: SHRIEKER ISLAND is released, including ones played by Sahajak Boonthanakit, Matthew Douglas, Randy Kalsi, Bear Williams, David Asavanond, Boonma Lamphon, Aukrawut Rojaunawat, Iris Park, Mikey Black, Alex Winters, and Ron Smoorenburg.

You can pre-order TREMORS: SHRIEKER ISLAND at THIS LINK, or purchase a collection of all 7 films HERE. Completists will also want to pick up the episodes of the TV series.

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