Troma remasters The Toxic Avenger II for Blu-Ray and DVD combo

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Love 'em or hate 'em, Troma knows how to treat their shlock with style. Their latest remastered release, their cult classic sequel THE TOXIC AVENGER PART II, has arrived in a Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack with director's commentary, an "At home with Toxie" featurette, an interview with villainess Lisa Gaye, and clips with Toxie from Japanese T.V.

The special features may be sparse, but rest assured that Troma works hard to make sure they'll be the strangest things you've ever seen. If you really want to learn what I mean, check out the introduction at the beginning of the GRADUATION DAY re-release. At your own risk. Enjoy!

Toxie's mean, green, and back on the screen! Melvin Junko was a nerdy 98 pound weakling until he fell into a vat of toxic waste, turning him into the first ever superhuman superhero from New Jersey. This time the hideously deformed creature of superhuman size and strength takes on Tokyo. The Toxic Avenger Part II is a spectacular sequel with even more ingenious special effects, even more bizarre action, and even more unbelievably famous fight scenes. He's come a long way from Tromaville, baby!

THE TOXIC AVENGER PART II directed by Lloyd Kaufman & Michael Herz, and starring Ron Fazio, Phoebe Legere, & John Altamura, is now available for purchase here.

Phoebe Legere in The Toxic Avenger Part II


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