Twisters: Love Lies Bleeding star Katy O’Brian teases her character and Lee Issac Chung’s vision

The star of Love Lies Bleeding now gets to show a different side of herself in the tornado disaster film from the director of Minari.

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Chalk this up as more information to add to Everything We Know About Twisters. The muscular star of Love Lies Bleeding has broken out with the A24 film since the roles she’s had on The Mandalorian and Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, but now Katy O’Brian is working out more of her acting muscles in the upcoming natural disaster film, Twisters. Since the announcement of the project, it’s been made clear that the film is not intending to be a direct sequel to the 1996 Jan De Bont blockbuster. However, the Super Bowl spot and trailer for the film do give a nod to Dorothy, the tornado measuring instrument that Jo and Bill (Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton’s characters) constructed and launched.

O’Brian, coming off her big role in Love Lies Bleeding, has spoken with Entertainment Weekly about her blossoming career, which includes Twisters. She remains mum on all the details, but O’Brian does tease a bit about her character in the tornado film and saying that they held production in the thick of where the storm activity takes place, “We filmed a tornado movie during tornado season in Tornado Alley.” She would reveal that her character is “a little sillier” than she was used to, but she won’t go as far as to call it a comic relief role. “I don’t want to say comedic role, and then everyone’s like, ‘She wasn’t funny.’ We’ll say it’s silly and fun.”

Twisters is being helmed by Lee Issac Chung, who gave a picture of the midwest in Minari, and O’Brian trusts his vision for the film and glows about his direction, “I think it’s going to be like PG or maybe PG-13, I don’t know. But [director Lee Isaac Chung] — it seems like maybe he’s an interesting choice for it. He did this gorgeous indie [Minari], and then he did Star Wars [The Mandalorian], and then he did Twisters, but he’s from Arkansas, so he’s from the area. I think he just really understands the battle of humans and nature, but also the importance of the balance of nature and all of that.” O’Brian says to expect some “good family fun” with the film.

O’Brian then continues to say, “I think he has this really, really beautiful vision for it, and I think it’s going to be cool for people to see. I don’t think people are going to expect to go into a movie about tornadoes and be awed by the cinematography and the direction.”

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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